Royal Stag offers high quality, handcrafted hats.  From the fedora, the homburg, the derby and the pork pie to custom designs, each hat is unique and tailor-made.  Royal Stag is a small family business, run by Cate and her husband Jonas.


Cate is Royal Stag's hat maker, designing and making each hat with a meticulous attention to detail. The workshop is her domain and her excitement for hats is contagious. The shop is full of hat making tools, old and new wooden blocks, felts in various colors, and an inviting wall of hat prototypes for people to try on. Cate takes great pride in the craft, and infuses joy and artistry into every creation, while Jonas provides operational and technical support for the company, serving as photographer, graphic designer, website master and all around problem solver. Royal Stag makes hats for present day generations with the same proud craftsmanship of hat makers of past.

The Process

Royal Stag honors the classic tradition of hat making, using gorgeous beaver and European hare felts together with wooden blocks and steam, needle and thread, and finished with a leather sweat, satin liner and trim. Sourcing only the best materials, Cate makes each hat by hand, offering a modern take on a timeless tradition. 

Each hat is unique, handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail, and built with pride to last a lifetime.